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Hi, my name is Sue.  I make many of the candles at Sisters Scented Candles. I started making candles in the 70’s for myself and some other close friends. In the 80’s, I went back to making candles and made a lot of them for Birthday gifts.  I played around with ice candles, tie dye, and a lot of molded candles.  That year was a lot of fun. Christmas with all the candles, you could only imagine as everyone had one or two.


January 1st came and  I was done with wax. I couldn’t think of a reason why I should make any more. Taking a jump in time, 2003 was here and I had a best friend that was interested in making some candles.  After a short time, I got involved too. Here I am back making candles again. At this point, total acceptance of this is what I’m supposed to be doing.  In less than two years, my friend wanted to go in a different direction and became a nurse. I’m still a candle maker and I love it. I’m very pleased that candles were and are a very big part of my life.


I certainly think you will enjoy them as much as I do and will continue to do so. Keep in touch by following us on Facebook and visiting us at our shows.




Upcoming Appearances:

Belden Village Mall
(Center Court just beyond the Food Court)
April 12, 13, & 14th
4230 Belden Village St NW
Canton, OH 44718


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